Tugce ve Fatih kimlerdir?

We are a motorcycle enthusiast couple from Istanbul. We both had occupied in jobs that we love.

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Tugçe is a sports trainer, and Fatih is a computer guy who worked for many companies in the past. We met each other around our motorcycle passion, and it kept us going together.

We decided to share our lives further on and said that lets crown this decision with a tour that we will always remember, maybe tell stories about it to our children in the future who knows…

Tugce has an “always-smile” face which can provide the people around her with a huge amount of life energy. She is also a good and tough rider, who will never give up. With her infectous smile she can open any door and solve any problem.

While Fatih can be well known about his persistence to do what he dreams and wants. He is also a tough rider with practical solutions to problems. He also loves calculating, so a good choice for a group to keep budget in margins.

Both love bikes with spirit in them. Tugce was a Ducati Monster owner, while Fatih had a KTM 990 Adventure. And both love adventure.

The synergy of Tugce’s endless positive energy and Fatih’s persistence makes this couple a very good travelmate for each other.