First Long Distance Ride

We were used to ride long distances on motorcycle but this time the challenge was a little bit different. Riding a small, not powerful and uncomfortable motorcycle on an intercity highway should be an experience of different kind. That would need definitely a huge patience and good riding skills to avoid hazards that are never counted as hazards while you are on a big and powerful motorcycle.

Before setting on road, we applied for Schengen visa which we needed to have at least for 90 days of period to cover our first part of the trip. For Turkish citizens, getting a Schengen visa is not a problem in general if you are working and paid continuosly. But we quit our jobs and we needed to prove our intent of application. That was a nervous wait so we decided to take a ride to test ourselves and the bikes on long distance. We picked Gökçeada (Imbros) island as a destination. The route has highway ride as well as off road tracks.

Before setting of we made the first maintenance of the bikes by changing the oil. It was simple as a kid’s game unless if you forget the close the drainage hole before adding the new oil 🙂 The next day we hit  the road.

Being two on the road avoided getting bored by the help of intercoms which we were using for the first time in our lives. But dealing with traffic was an issue. After several hours we reached the port for the ferry to the island.

Riding in the island without any time constraint was the first sense of freedom. We nearly entered all of the roads of the island. Discovered new places although we came here several times. We camped all around the island.

We discovered that riding with such a lightweight motorcycle but carrying heavy load would be a challenge.  The conclusion was we needed to plan our luggage wisely before the big trip.


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