Why YBR 125

Choosing a motorcycle is very similar to choosing clothes in my opinion. You prefer slippers if you are going to pool or boots when trekking. You can classify automobiles into maybe 4-5 species in common use but what about motorcycles? There are lots of classes. That’s why they are not only personal but also purpose based selected.

Before explaining why we choosed yamaha ybr 125, I should say that all the things that you will read are very personal opinions, and doesn’t bind any other’s thoughts.

Before starting, I want to reply a question of all.

Q: A world tour with this bike?!
A: Yes, it’s already done, visit Gustavo and Elke’s adventure re-moto.

Ok now I can start 🙂


You can see Tugce in the picture, how comfortable and happy she is 🙂

In a tour like this, our first concern is the reliability of the bikes. If broken, should be fixed easily in anywhere in the world. Other than these, it must be simple, enough comfortable, has ability to carry a lot, consume less, lightweight, low seat, and have two wheels 😀

Simplicity increases your understanding level of the bike problems. It is important especially in a place where you don’t know the native language, and having difficulties in explaining the problem.

Comfort is actually a big concern on a bike, but none of the bikes are comfortable as a car’s seat, or a tv seat. So a comfortable bike means, have a midrange of wide seat with a low height.

In such a journey, you will carry a lot with you. The chasis and the suspension must not be weak. Since YBR is a commuter bike to carry two person with some load. It is suitable for us. We will use two YBRs, but with a huge luggage.

The bike should use any kind and small amounts of gasoline, quality of which will change during the trip.

As you see I didn’t mention about speed. We are not on hurry.

The last and for the most important thing about choosing a bike is to look familiar and friendly to native people around the world. Which will brake the preconception of them when you arrive in a small town or village.

Nowadays we are searching for the second YBR.


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