Our Close Friend Diabetes :)

Type 1 diabetes is a health condition that you carry with you until you die. I met with it 6 years ago at my age 29. It was strange because type 1 diabetes is known as a juvenile based situation in which no insulin production is done at you pancreas. That’s why when you eat food including carbohydrates, that immediately increases your blood sugar.

Thanks to the researchers and scientists, we now have synthetic insulin pens to adjust blood sugar. But these medicine must be kept cold for long term storage. Now we are closing to the point which is related about this trip.

I have to carry a lot of insulin that must be kept cold!

This is the most critical thing in this trip to organize. I started searching in the web for similar people. Yes I found some, but they were all short term travelers. And the other ones were traveling in caravans or buses or so. In a car you can carry a mini refrigarator in which you can store your insulins. But on a motorcycle, you don’t have the fridge option.

Another research I made was about the effect of temperature on insulins. And I found some papers. If you keep insulin in room temperature without exposing to direct sunlight it’s effect decreases about 20%.

Insulins are served in plastic pens or cartridges. I decided to put them in a nylon bag and put that nylon bag in a thermos full of cold water, then replace that water each day 🙂

One thermos in my bags, and another in Tugce’s will serve me I think for 6 months easily 😉

Up to now, this is the best solution I could find 🙂


Our Close Friend Diabetes :)” üzerine 2 yorum

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