Roche is Now Supporting Us

As I mentioned in the earlier posts, we were looking for sponsors. Roche Turkey became the first to sponsor us. During a routine check, I was talking to the hospital staff about this world tour and the difficulties in this diabetes management. Nurdan Yörük who is a very old family friend and nurse in the hospital said that she could find a contact for me in … Okumaya devam et Roche is Now Supporting Us

Why YBR 125

Choosing a motorcycle is very similar to choosing clothes in my opinion. You prefer slippers if you are going to pool or boots when trekking. You can classify automobiles into maybe 4-5 species in common use but what about motorcycles? There are lots of classes. That’s why they are not only personal but also purpose based selected. Before explaining why we choosed yamaha ybr 125, … Okumaya devam et Why YBR 125

Our Close Friend Diabetes :)

Type 1 diabetes is a health condition that you carry with you until you die. I met with it 6 years ago at my age 29. It was strange because type 1 diabetes is known as a juvenile based situation in which no insulin production is done at you pancreas. That’s why when you eat food including carbohydrates, that immediately increases your blood sugar. Thanks to … Okumaya devam et Our Close Friend Diabetes 🙂

The Route

Well yes, we have some plans. But they will I’m sure change during the trip. If you check it below you will see the main plan. We will start from Turkey in mid july, the blue asterix. Through the balkan countries, we will go to Spain. From Hamburg in mid september, we will ship our bikes to Valparaiso, Chile, where our intense South America trip … Okumaya devam et The Route

About Us and Our World Trip

We are a rider couple from Istanbul, Turkey. I’m Fatih, and my girlfriend is Tugce. When we met two years ago, we already had a good biking background. She was mainly street oriented, while I was a dual sport rider. Tugce is a pilates and zumba trainer, I’m working in an alchoholed drink producing compnay as an IT guy and also I’m an advanced motocycle trainer. … Okumaya devam et About Us and Our World Trip